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Monthly Newsletter January 2014

Our meeting in December 2014 was not as well attended as usual but being the Festive Season lots of us were otherwise occupied. Thank you for everyone who brought eats and “yummies” for the festive time that we had. Thank you also for the raffle items that made for some interesting decisions for those that won.We welcomed Ken Moffat as a new member. He has been involved with bonsai for many years and we are keen to see some of his trees that he has had for many years.The usual fun was had and Brian gave his brief but educational talk on branch styling. Thank you for your input and we are all learning from your talks. Very interesting material was worked on and one that stands out to me was the Coral tree that Robert brought in. He had worked on the same “Stump” quite a while ago and although some drastic cuts were made then, the tree‘s potential is now becoming evident.

We look forward to our meeting on the 11th January 2014. No specific theme but bring trees that need work to be done on them.


Please visit the new website and contact us if there is anything you want to add.

Viele Bonsai Grüße
Jürgen Nuss