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Monthly Newsletter February 2014




We welcomed Leo Combrink who has not been to a meeting for some time. It was great to see him and his material. Brian again gave a most interesting talk and demo on Budleas and the sealing of bark. It was found to be of value to most of us. Thank you, again Brian.

With Al leaving soon he sold some of his trees and bonsai equipment, most of it at bargain prices. Thank you Al, for enriching some of our collections.

We discussed the Mini “C” that we will be hosting in May 2014. We hope for a good turnout with helpers and displays. We plan to go to the Royal Showgrounds again as the venues there are reasonably priced, easy to find and spacious. Our next meeting on 8 February we will start with preparing our trees for the show in May. Called the “90 day countdown”. So please bring trees that you would like to show, and we will assist and guide you.

Jurgen Nuss