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Monthly Newsletter April 2014

It was our first “Start at 1pm” and it was most positively accepted. Most of us have family commitments on Saturday nights, and we eventually finished just after 4pm.

We welcomed Graham Dickenses, Francois and Josh .We look forward to having you become part of our Society.

Brian gave a talk on “Tenuki” style and it certainly opens possibilities on what to do with some of our difficult material. Thank you, Brian, your bonsai related topics are very educational for us all.

We discussed the "Mini C” that we will be hosting on 18th May 2014. Originally we had planned for the 11th May but that is “Mothers Day” and Durban and Kengai Clubs indicated that many of their members would not be able to come then. We hope for a good turnout with helpers and displays. We plan to go to the Royal Showgrounds and we have booked the “Council House” which should be suitable for our needs .


Our next meeting on 12th April, we must start finalizing our preparation of trees for the show on 18th May. Please bring trees that you would like to show, and we will assist if necessary.

You are welcome to bring material that needs help and we look forward to another full house.