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May 2016

We welcomed Jaco , Carol and Lize. It is always good to see a regular inflow of new bonsai enthusiasts. We hope that we will see lots more of you.

The raffle table was as usual full of many potential bonsai. Thank you everyone who brought items.

Congratulations on all the participants of the New Talent competition. You all did well and the judges decided on No 1 Deborah Don, second Robin McIntosh and third James Raw. Robin will not be able to go to the Kwanba Mini C so Deborah and James will represent us. Good luck to you two.

Thank you to all who contributed to the eats. There was a lovely variety to munch on.

Des has come up with a lovely new name tag for everyone. It has our Club emblem as well as our names printed on it. Thank you very much Des, you are always there to improve our image. We can wear them with pride.

Brian gave a talk on fertilizing. The time has now come to stop feeding your trees. Growth slows down or stops in the winter months so they do not require new energy now.

We spoke about the amount of weeds that we are experiencing. It was obvious that everybody is experiencing it. I read an article in a newspaper and it has been attributed to the drought and the winds that went with it.

A date to keep in mind please is the Kwanba Mini C which will be held at Kengai on 29 May 2016. The headliner will be Charles Ceronio and he is always most interesting and educational in his demos.

Our theme will be wiring. So do bring trees that need shaping and let’s help each other. Brian will give a demo on wiring which is so important styling.

Hope we will all get together on 14 May 2016  at the Potting Shed.


Jurgen Nuss