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March 2015



Last months meeting was again well attended and a lot was achieved.


Thank you everyone who brought eats for the tea. Thank you ladies who helped set up the cups and eats. Someone left their plastic cake container. It has a green lid. Will bring it to the next meeting.


Thank you everyone who contributed to the Raffle table. It always amazes me to see the variety and quality of items brought.


LOST & FOUND : Someone left a green bag with wire behind at the February meeting. Alison wants to put that person’s name on it and keep it for next meeting.


The “root over rock” theme went down well. What was so very gratifying was to see the trees that we planted on rocks 2 and 3 years ago of Brian and Malcolm.  Brian kept the roots of his under the ground for 3 years and they now look fantastic. Wow, both have developed with the roots clinging to the rocks like in nature. Will be good to see them both developing.


The themes for next month will be mame. If you have any material that is small and looks promising in its small size bring it and we can see what to do.


Meryl did a magic job of replanting Barbara’s group of “Sheenas Gold”. Well set up and very well done. Barbara brought her Star Chestnut that we mentioned last month. It is really looking very promising.


Brian made a very valid statement and that the standard and quality of trees worked on have improved quite dramatically over the past 2years, Well done everyone, this is definitely true.


The sad news last month was that Alison lost her Mom and went to Zambia for the funeral. Barbara also lost her mom. Barbara & Alison, our heartfelt sympathy goes to you and your family at your loss.


The weather is really telling us that winter is close by. Let us hope that it will not be too severe. Last year lots of trees were lost with the frost.


 Looking forward to 11 April 2015 at the Potting Shed.


“We all find the time to do what we really want to do” William Feather



Jurgen Nuss