About Pietermaritzburg Bonsai

The Pietermaritzburg Bonsai Society has been an ongoing Bonsai club since the 70's. We meet on the second Saturday of each month at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Department Potting shed. For more information or to have questions answered please visit out contact page and email one of friendly committee members. We work by our club motto "一緒に成長している, Growing together!"

May 2016

We welcomed Jaco , Carol and Lize. It is always good to see a regular inflow of new bonsai enthusiasts. We hope that we will see lots more of you.

The raffle table was as usual full of many potential bonsai. Thank you everyone who brought items.

February 2016 Newsletter


First time visitors were welcomed, they were Mike, Gay, Walden, George (No 3) and Sonya. It is always so invigorating to see newcomers being so enthusiastic. We hope that you will join and become part of our club.

The Raffle table was again flooded with very good “potential bonsai”.  Thank you everyone who contributed. It was good to see some of the newcomers walking off with some good material.   

April 2015

The April meeting was once again was absolute marvel. It was encouraging to see all the “Mame” bonsai on show as well as the many that worked on creating Mame’s.

Jurgen’s Mame stand was truly breathtaking.


Thanks to Brian who constantly provides us with insightful talks into the art of bonsai.


The “May” meeting is host to the annual “NEW TALENT” Competition.

The club has catered for 5 entries this year, and you are encouraged to take part in this fantastic opportunity.


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